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My name is Stephanie Morosi and right now I am stuck in Charleston, South Carolina.  It is a beautiful place to visit but a very hard place to live if you are female.   This state's rednecks can be very closed minded.  

I used to sell cars and they were quite sexists about what a female can do.  I do web design now.  I don't have to answer to anyone,  and I can pick and choose who I want to be friendly to which is nice b/c no one can say I slept w/ the boss to get my raise.  

I am not upset w/ my life all the time.  I am told that I can be a goofball at times and then become dead serious in a little while. (I am not bi-polar )  Just hyper from chocolate and Smirnoff Ice .  I can get a buzz from just one at times since I weigh 98lbs.

 I travel a lot and I have plans to skydive this summer.  I have always been a kid at heart though so drop me a line if you wanna chat sometimes. 

My main website is here so come visit me.