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Fair Events and Fundraisers

I just thought that it would be a good idea to post event ideas and fundraisers here rather than have you search for them at newsgroups which tend to get off topic.

Here are some of my ideas

wax dipped roses (I have plenty at my house ::grin::)
blackwork hankercheifs
crochet xmas decorations
leather pouches
and of course classes.

I have heard that at SCA events (no offense anyone) they have women dresses as harlots and you pay them to go over and embarass some poor shy guy doing small things. (ie playing with his hair, sitting on his lap) and my favorite ---

The crooked Sheriff

you have a sheriff arrest members and they have to pay a few dollars to get our of jail or they can buy indulgences beforehand (parchments of paper) for a smaller fee. If the person doesn't really have any money, he can work his bail out by being a court jester or bard.