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Hello, I am Stephanie Morosi aka the Highlander's Mistress.   I chose that handle because my boyfriend looked like Duncan Macleod from the tv show Highlander and I was his mistress.  Well, I kept the handle since I have a Highlander website and here we are.  My friends, the lady Sapphire Jade and
Kaleria will be helping me with the medieval site.  We have some wonderful surprises for South Carolina but I cannot go into the details with you right now. However,  I will provide much info about medieval life so ask away since I have zillions of bookmarks.  This is free stuff and very valuable stuff as well.
Kaleria is a sword maker and Sapphire Jade knows a great deal about candles, soap, and she has travelled a great deal.  Both of them are reachable through me and I visit them often so any questions you have will get answered.
I am a member of both the SCA and Adrian's Empire and I will be joining the
Camirella soon enough.  Any members of these clubs can icq me at 12978289
under morosis.  I will enjoy talking to any of you,  so ask away.