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Here are a couple of photos of me.  My features seem to change based on my photographer and my hair/makeup.
I look like 4 different people here but don't is me and although my facial features change in these photos, I haven't had anything permantly altered.


The first one (smiling) was taken by a webcam in sunlight.  I was being tickled by my boyfriend at the time.  My skin is a pale olive b/c I am scottish/filipino.  The second two were taken by a professional in 95 degre weather so my makeup and hair was dripping wet and I was nervous having my photos taken.  The last one was taken by GlamourShots and the teased my hair a mile high and the makeup was so extreme that I couldn't walk outside the mall w/ the way they did my make up unless I wanted to look like a drag queen. Which photo do you like best? email me at